What is the use of human beings if he has learned to read and write, but leaves thinking to others?

Ernst R. Hauschka

In addition to my professional activities, I have been working as a freelance lecturer in political youth and adult education since 2004. Among other things, I worked with the” Bavarian Alliance for Tolerance – Democracy and Human Dignityprotection “, the ” Project Centre againstRight-wing Extremism” in Bad Alexandersbad, the “Bürgerforum Bayreuth” and the “Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus” in Nuremberg. Currently, my focus is on theFranken-Akademie Schloss Schneyin Lichtenfels, just for reasons of proximity. In addition, I have been and still am a guest of organisations and associations of civil society and in schools in the context of project days, student workshops, in-house teacher training (SchILF).

As part of the civil society’s confrontation with the neo-Nazi marches in Wunsiedel, and the associated resistance of the city and its people, I have contributed to the collection “Wunsiedel is colorful – not brown! The controversies over the Hess tomb are changing political culture” Submitted.

Below you will find a selection of the lectures I have given in the course of my work. Of course, other topics or priorities are also possible, by arrangement:

  • A rift is going through our country – How just is our society?
  • Determinants of the welfare state – What are the challenges facing our social security systems?
  • Politics of Demarcation and Globalization using the example of selected world powers
  • In search of a world order for the 21st century
  • All climate? How to deal with climate change – A thematic introduction
  • Right-wing populism and extremism as a threat to democracy
  • And what does the other right actually do? – A look at NPD, THE RIGHTS and the Third Way
  • The Rise of the AfD and Co. – News about the Alternative for Germany
  • Focus on “Right-wing populism in Germany and Europe”
  • Focus “Refugees” – How can their misery be remedied?
  • Right-wing extremism in Germany today
  • The European Union – A success story in the crisis?
  • The European Economic and Monetary Union – Single Market, Competition Policy, Social Policy, the Euro in Crisis
  • Resistance in the Third Reich
  • Two German states – two political systems
  • Basics of communication and rhetoric
  • Workshop for the right presentation

If you are interested in an event or a lecture on any of the above topics, please contact me without obligation.