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Since reunification, nearly 200 people between the ages of four and 98 have died in far-right violence, according to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. Today, the list has grown to a total of 209 people. Behind them are 209 names, faces, families, fates.

There is no question: the attack in Hanau is appalling, it is shocking, it is disturbing. Was it a racist attack? Yes. Tobias R., a 43-year-old German, the alleged perpetrator, was driven by racism and hatred, apparently targeting his victims among people with a migrant background. Was it a xenophobic attack? No. Even if, as far as we know, the victims all have a migrant background, they are citizens of our state, not foreigners. They are part of our society. The terrorist attack is therefore an attack on our civil society and therefore on all of us.

Less than a week after the nationwide raid against the “Group S.”, which is suspected of wanting to provoke civil war-like conditions with targeted attacks as a right-wing terrorist group, our country has been shaken by another bloodshed today. Less than six months after the Halle attack, nine months after the murder of Walter Lübcke and almost 13 years after the NSU’s series of murders. People nationwide react with horror. Thousands have gathered across the country today to show their solidarity with the victims with vigils and minute’s silence and to send a signal of an open, democratic and tolerant Germany. The Federal Minister of the Interior has ordered mourning flags for all public buildings today and tomorrow. Both are true. It is wrong, however, to deplore today’s act of terrorism.

While the vast majority are dismayed by the attack, 482 neo-Nazis and right-wing extremists are wanted nationwide by arrest warrant. While many searched for the first reports from Hanau and searched for words, the familiar reflexes immediately took hold on the right edge: “Hanau : At least 11 dead and several seriously injured in attack on shisha bar. Is this really the “Germany in which we live well and gladly” in 2017, which was summoned by the Merkel-CDU?” asked Berlin AfD MP Georg Pazderski. The former head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, tweeted: “Socialist logic: perpetrators are always on the right, victims are always on the left. You don’t have to deal with Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ulbricht anymore … because they were Nazis. The catch is: after this thought, they themselves are on the right. Antifa=Nazis.”. Prof.Dr. Jörg Meuthen, the AfD’s federal spokesman, who otherwise never tires of pointing out these same things in the event of criminal or violence committed by refugees or people of “Arab origin”, posted to Hanau: “This is neither right nor left terror, this is the delusional act of a madman. Any form of political instrumentalisation of this terrible act is a cynical missteps. […]”. The AfD district association Augsburg-Stadt shared on Facebook a report of the Die Welt with the comment “Germany on the way to the multicultural dirt hole.

Before more precise details are available, an act of violence by a foreigner is assumed to have attacked, trivialised and relativised the chancellor. That is why regret is out of place!

After Hanau at the latest, it must be clear to everyone that there are people who see themselves strengthened by the rhetoric of the AfD, for example, as the enforcer of what is, of any kind, the will of the people. Phrases such as “We will hunt them!”, “When we come, then we will clean up, then we will be eliminated!” or “We must dispose of such people!”, are the catalyst, the fire accelerator, for such acts of punishment and violence. It must be clear to everyone that an afd election, for whatever reason, supports this and further destroys the social climate and incites hatred. It must be clear to us that the prayer-mill-like equating of the Left Party and AfD, of Antifa and Neo-Nazism is a dangerous trivialization of the extreme right.

That is why we do not need regret, but determination!

Let us stand firm against right-wing populists, right-wing extremists and the AfD! This includes not letting them lead to government. We need better monitoring of the extreme right by protecting the Constitution! This also requires a committee of inquiry to examine Maaßen’s term of office as head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. We need a more vigorous crackdown on the rule of law in the case of racist and/or right-wing extremist-motivated acts of punishment and violence!

We owe it to the victims, whether they are called Mehmet, Jana, Bilal, Torsten or Halit.

Hanau war kein fremdenfeindlicher Anschlag, sonder ein Anschlag auf uns alle. / Rechtsextremismus und -populismus sind ein wachsendes Problem. / Es benötigt endlich Entschlossenheit, statt Bedauern, um dieses zu lösen.

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