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If one looks at the election of the new Thuringian Prime Minister, the Weimar Republic suddenly becomes very present in the history-conscious memory. Weimar is located in Thuringia.

Already on October 29th I commented on the election result in Thuringia:

“The lesson of the Thuringia election must be: it is now about our democracy. It is a question of whether our social system, with its guaranteed freedoms, will continue to exist in the future. And nothing less! “

What we have seen today is basically a consistent continuation of what is currently being shifted in our society. It is a “taboo break”, a “dam break”, as the first commentators correctly assess it. But it’s not a surprise! It’s just — the next step.

Shortly after the Thuringian election, CDU parliamentary group vice-president Heym repeatedly called for talks with the AfD, even calling the party around the fascist Björn Höcke and his right wing a possible part of a “bourgeois coalition.” It was not for nothing that AfD spokesman Jörg Meuthen celebrated on Twitter today: “The first mosaic stone of the political change in Germany: victory of the bourgeois majority!!! Congratulations to Thuringia!”.

Here, the far-right wing of the AfD in Thuringia is being deliberately reinterpreted as the new bourgeois centre. The political orientation thus to a new normal. That is audacity, that is wrong, it is dangerous! Society is to be accustomed to the fact that it is just normal ffor the AfD to gain increasing influence as a pool of“aggressive d’rer”. D

Today, she elected Thomas Kemmerich, a member of the FDP, whose party entered the Landtag with 5.006 percent of the vote, as prime minister, along with the CDU and FDP. A prime minister whose party has five MPs – 5 out of 90. He does not even have a majority behind him in the beginning. Who depends on the support of the other groups in every decision depends on prosperity and spoiling – in case of doubt also the AfD. And once again the call for the SPD and the Greens is loud, they are reminded of their state-political responsibility.

Today, many have lost: Bodo Ramelow, who, in my opinion, has done a solid job. FDP and CDU, who have to ask themselves unpleasant questions: Were there not agreements? How else can the absolute unity of the CDU, FDP and AfD be explained? What should the government work look like if there is to be no cooperation with the AfD? Thomas Kemmerich, who is confronted with demands to resign, including from the FDP (!) – just a few hours after his election, has also lost. Or demands for new elections – such as from Markus Söder’s CSU. The left has, of course, lost with the loss of its governmental responsibility and the prime minister. The SPD has also lost: of course, the election in Thuringia also weighs on the GroKo in Berlin. How reliable is a CDU, how resilient are statements from its leadership? Can we still work constructively with this Union? Only the AfD won – with a tactically motivated manoeuvre alone.

If the participants in Thuringia come together, this will not go without further bleaching. Facial preservation for all is almost impossible. If Kemmerich, on the other hand, fails to establish a stable government, the AfD will, at every opportunity, sneeringly put its finger in this wound.

In doing so, it has succeeded in creating the greatest possible uncertainty and further destabilising the already difficult political situation in Thuringia. And that is what this party is all about: destabilisation! Today we have seen the next step on a path that aims to undermine, to damage our democratic structures. The AfD is getting more and more blunt. She is not concerned with solving problems, she does not represent the interests of “the little man”. Like all (right-wing) populists, it wants to divide our society. At the end of this dangerous journey, which we have taken today, there is only one goal: the grinding of our democracy!

So I can only repeat my appeal of October 2019:

“It’s a time when all Democrats have to stand together! No matter where, no matter in which democratic party, whether in politics, business, church, media, associations or civil society! We still have the booklet of action in our hands. We are still the majority society! Let’s put the spalters in their place together!”

Vorgang in Thüringen ist keine Überraschung, sondern der nächste Schritt auf einem bedrohlichen Weg. / Verloren haben alle Beteiligten mit Ausnahme der AfD. / Der Zusammenhalt aller demokratischen Kräfte gewinnt dadurch weiter an Bedeutung.

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